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About Us

All our services are bespoke to each client, we pride ourselves on delivering an exceptional result.

Serenity Graphics was built from the ashes of a past that held no future, I had no choice but to reinvent myself and my company to adapt to a world that is ever-changing in design technologies. Our new aim is to provide a 1 to 1 service that is bespoke to each client, this allows us to implement our working method to find the best possible result for each business.

Our creative drive knows no boundaries and this allows us to light up your business in a way that has never been seen before. We put our hearts and souls into every project that comes forth so you receive our undivided attention.

- C.E.O


Plan & Strategize


We have a wide range of marketing tools help boost your business online and offline, we use analytics along-side campaign insights to direct your company and follow the best plan of action.

Whatever the end goal, we will find the best route using our creative flair to produce the best results for your business.


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Trusted World Wide.


Our reputation for delivering incredible digital projects has given us the opportunity to reach out beyond the UK and work with brands from all over the globe.

Design & Develop


Our creative eye and unusual methods have no boundaries, the key to having an unforgettable online and offline presence is to allow us to have the freedom to reflect your business in a way it stands out!

We don't like to play it safe, simply because the results are always better when we don't.







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